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Who We Are

Broda Machine Company is a CNC lathe and CNC mill solutions shop. We offer dedicated service, working with our clients on their blueprints to turn them into a reality. Additionally, we offer reverse engineering services, research and development capabilities, and blueprint drafting support to ensure your plan is as well crafted and efficient as it can be.

Our main priority is always customer care. That’s why we always aim to fabricate our customers’ parts ahead of schedule so they are available and ready to ship when needed. By carrying inventory for our customers, this allows us to stabilize their supply chain by having parts ready ahead of demand.

Broda Machine Company is a leading CNC lathe milling company specializing in cutting-edge precision machining solutions. With our newly expanded facility and extensive expertise in computer numerical control (CNC) technology, we provide a diverse range of services including CNC milling, CNC turning, CNC programming, and endless CNC lathe capabilities. Our experienced team of engineers and machinists are well-versed in the latest industry standards and possess in-depth knowledge of CNC machining techniques. From prototyping to large-scale production, we offer tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of each customer. Our CNC turning operations enable us to create cylindrical components with exceptional accuracy, while our CNC milling services allow for intricate and precise cutting of various materials. Additionally, our expert programmers ensure the smooth operation of CNC equipment, maximizing efficiency and minimizing errors. With our cutting-edge CNC lathe and horizontal lathes, we deliver high-quality products that meet the most challenging tolerances and specifications. At Broda Machine Company, our commitment to excellence drives us to deliver innovative and reliable CNC machining solutions that exceed customer expectations.

Why Choose Us

At Broda Machine, we are fully invested in every step of our customer support process. When we receive a project, we make sure to order all the raw materials needed and run it ahead of time, ensuring process efficiency with every single client. We think ahead and with our customers in mind so that we don’t run into supply chain hold ups due to lack of extra material. We look out for our customers, alerting them when orders come to an end and ensuring new orders are in on time to prevent any possible out of stock situations. We care about your business and always work to keep you ahead of the competition.

Customer Commitment / Promise

At Broda, we commit to remaining flexible and dedicated. We understand that needs can evolve mid-order and spur-of-the moment changes happen. We look forward to providing solutions for each unique challenge and strive to go above and beyond to cultivate family based relationships with every client. We care about investing in the process and relationships. It’s how we’re built.

Our History

Broda Machine Company was founded in 1935 by brothers Martin and Walter Broda. The company began in 1935 as a wire coat hanger manufacturing business after Martin and Walter Broda perfected a machine to produce coat hangers.
After several years in this business, working from a garage behind their home in Niagara Falls, New York, they would gradually begin to expand into general machining.
By the time World War II broke out, Martin and Walter were out of the coat hanger business and full time into production of parts for aircraft, machine guns, and other war related items for companies such as Bell Aircraft, Curtis-Wright, Buffalo Arms and Houdaille Hydraulics.
The brothers officially incorporated as Broda Machine Company in 1942, with Martin as president and Walter as vice president.

In January 1946, Martin and Walter constructed a new building on the corner of Packard Rd. and Pine Ave. in Niagara Falls NY. The high quality of their machined parts work continued as did their loyal following, with customers recommending Broda Machine to their business associates.


In 1968 Broda Machine Company constructed a 10,000 square-foot facility in Niagara Falls, New York. Still in this location today, under under the leadership of Thomas J. Broda, Walter’s son, the once small machine shop has grown into a modern, highly technical, CNC facility. The firm to this day continues to produce high quality, limited production parts for area and national customers. The Broda penchant for quality and hard work is displayed in their work and their record of success.


In 2013, Broda Machine Company doubled it’s size by expanding to 20,000 square-feet. Along with increased capacity, the additional space will allow the company to introduce more state-of-the-art machining centers. The new machining centers will improve part runtime and allow for the best customer service.

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