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The BROpener Tool

The BROpener Tool

Broda Machine Company recently designed and start producing the BROpener. It's your buddy, it's your pal, it's your BRO! The BROpener will allow you open doors, bottle caps and use electronic terminals without actually touching the surfaces (limiting your exposure to the Covid-19 Virus). The antimicrobial base material (Brass) will also help stop the spread of the virus after coming in contact with these surfaces.

The BROpener is sold in a 2 pack. You will receive (1) BROpener and (1) BROpener XL with every purchase. The Original BROpener is made from 1/8" Thick Brass and The BROpener XL is made from 1/4" Thick Brass. Each purchase is enough for you and one of your BRO's!

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Village Bake Shoppe and in turn donated to local hospitals and caretakers in WNY in the form of their delicious "from scratch" baked goods.

2-Pack / Shipping Included