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Broda Benefits

  • One Stop Shop

    One Stop Shop

    Our goal is to take care of everything

    from machining your parts, plating,

    stocking and releasing them as YOU deem necessary. 

  • Machining


    With a wide variety of late model CNC machine tools available...

    We determine the most efficient and effective way

    to produce your part. As a result - we can give you the best price,

    quality and service for your order.

  • Quality Control

    Quality Control

    With QC as our top priority, we have an unmatched amount 

    of equipment at our disposal. With Touchstone on site, we have the

    most up to date quality control tools and knowledge available at all times.


  • Plating


    With purchasing agents busier than ever nowadays...

    why worry about having your parts plated after

    you receive them?  Leave the headaches to us

    and we will make sure your parts are plated correctly

    to specification and have them ready for your required dates.

  • Shipping and Storage

    Shipping and Storage

    Unlike most of the machine shops you have

    dealt with in the past, we are happy to store

    your parts for you and ship them in as your

    requirements deem necessary.